Product Design

Stainless Steel Fabrication

Custom – Refrigeration, Hot Wells, Millwork, Sneeze Guards, Lighting, Frost Tops

Commercial Stainless Fabricators

Custom Design – Fabrication – Installation

We provide adaptable designs to fit the ever-evolving foodservice industry.  We design products to maximize the benefits most important to our customers:

Reduce labor costs

Increase throughput

Maximize efficiency for reduced operation costs

Sharpen focus on food safety

Shorten project lead times through manufacturing efficiencies.

Support chains and multi-unit independents with product consolidation and efficient project management.

Ensure quality through professional engineering and design.

Practice social responsibility through use of sustainable products.

Reduce costs through optional pre-wire fabrication with electrical load centers.

Offer turnkey projects using professional delivery and installation crews.

Architectual Drawings & Specs

Full 3D Renderings 

Concept Designed

Refrigeration & Heating

Commercial Stainless Fabricators offers custom refrigeration, heating and lighting they are pre-wired and pre-plumbed to your specifications to seamlessly fit into your foodservice space, keeping food and drinks at their desired temperatures.  Your back of the house and front of the house requirements for cold food and drink  – from cold beverage display cases to under counter refrigeration and refrigerated buffet options. Custom food warming options and food bar lighting provide you with delicious tasting food that looks equally enticing.


We disign in many materials and finishes to make your custom design and build stand out from the others – wood, tile, laminates, granite, marble, wood tops.  There is no limitation on what we can build together.

Frosted Tops

Frosted tops added to a food line or buffet will chill both beverages and food to the desired temperature.

Sneeze Guards


Today more than ever it is important to keep the safety of your customers and associates at the forefront of any foodservice operation. We customize to keep your food lines and buffets sanitary and safe.


Custom Lighting

Custom lighting enhances the presentation of any food line or buffet, adding a dramatic affect to the dining experience. 

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