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1035 Cobb Industrial Drive
Marietta, GA 30066
Office: (770) 425-6848
FAX: (770) 425-6851

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Spectrum Mobile Serving Counters
CSF, Inc. offers a complete line of mobile serving counters to meet all of your needs. Our Spectrum series serving counters offer an array of standard colors and options to meet any application. Please view our latest color chart.

These unique counters are constructed of seamless molded fiberglass producing a rugged dent and scuff resistant surface. All colors are applied using a special gel-coated process to insure long lasting durability and a high gloss finish.

Commercial Stainless Fabricators, stainless steel countertops, worktables, serving counters, sinks,
floor troughs, dishtables, chef counters, tray makeup and tray return conveyor systems

Commercial Stainless Fabricators, Inc.
1035 Cobb Industrial Drive
Marietta, GA 30066
Office: (770) 425-6848
FAX: (770) 425-6851

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